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[-]Hello, perspective students!

My name is Claire Klingenberg and I was lucky enough to be born bilingual and bicultural, giving me the unique ability to relate to Czech students as well as teach them English and the mindset of the Anglo-American world both.

As any other skill or ability, language must be incessantly cultivated and tended to. I have done so by studying at one of the best high schools in Prague, going to Harvard Summer School, learning independently and living in various places in the USA part of my life.

Apart from teaching English in homes and workplaces of my students for the last 6 years, I translate documents for Czech businesses and interpret at variously themed conferences and seminars (for example, I interpreted at the conference held by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports about the importance of the Czech phenomena of Basic Arts Schools in 2011 or at the seminar of world-renowned magician FL!P during his trip to Prague in 2013).

I try to keep most of the class-time immersed in English. When explaining difficult grammar I switch to Czech, if necessary. My goal in class is to get students to stop thinking English-Czech-English and to start thinking English-English-English (among other things, it saves time ). After you have dreamt your first dream in English, we have succeeded.

Looking forward to seeing you in my classes,


Vážení perspektivní studenti!

Jmenuji se Claire Klingenberg a měla jsem to štěstí, že jsem se narodila bilingvní a mezi dvěma kulturami. Díky tomu rozumím myšlenkovým pochodům českých studentů a zároveň je mohu učit nejen anglicky, ale i myšlenkovým pochodům osob anglo-amerického světa.