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I was born and brought up in Scotland, in the south west, near Glasgow and Edinburgh, among sandstone buildings, but near mountains, moors, dramatic grey weather and the sea! I studied and obtained a masters degree in French literature practically on the beach, at Aberdeen University on the north east coast of Scotland, with a change in surroundings to include granite, flat, agricultural scenery and much clearer (if less dramatic) weather. While at uni, I spent 1 year teaching English at a secondary school in Brittany, north west France, and 1 year working in Montreal in eastern Canada, to improve my French...

In Britain, people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth in terms of communication skills, English being as it is, the international „passport“ language. I was in fact so ashamed of fellow Brits and annoyed with N. Americans for not even trying to speak in other tongues, that I decided to be more „European“ in my thinking. Cultivated British people used to talk about „the Continent“ when they crossed the English Channel, while uncultivated - in my humble opinion - Brits talked about (and probably still do) going to Europe for a holiday, despite the fact that Britain has been part of Europe for as long as I can remember...and that is quite a long my mission was to prove that even a Brit can learn to speak a foreign language like a native speaker. I now speak French and Czech fluently enough to have achieved my personal goal, and basic German and Spanish just for fun.

On graduating, I taught English to undergraduates in the tourism, literature and science departments of the Savoy University in Chambéry, France, for two years. I also gained a postgraduate, professional diploma in modern dance and movement pedagogy in London, England, where I met my ex-husband, who is Czech, and was the initial motivation for my move to Prague (there has to be a reason for all of life´s encounters, even the short-lived ones...) I have been teaching English and dance and translating ever since, for a range of Prague language schools and dance organizations, among others...our 8 year-old son is bilingual and - I reckon therefore - very bright. He loves Scotland and the Czech Republic equally, as do I, and now, as well as teaching classes at Penny Lane, I am a full-time English teacher at a „základní škola“ here, and do a lot of translations for the theatre community and an architectural firm, so I can´t see me leaving any time soon...As you have guessed, my spare time is spent at dance classes or the theatre, or listening to music.

I ended up working at Penny Lane because I went to the Flamenco shop in the Itaka building to buy a flamenco skirt from Jitka, who then passed my contact details to Petr... I love svíčková, knedlíky, tvaroh, mák, svařené víno and haggis, neaps and tatties and whisky... Heather means vřes, and my son´s name Rory means red leader (NB. red in the sense of celtic complexioned, not communist!)